YRC Freight and YRC Regional, collectively the second- and seventh-largest less-than-truckload carriers in the nation, have made field operational organizational changes for better efficiency and safety oversight, effective Feb. 1.The changes are designed “to allow those closest to the revenue generation and operational performance of YRC Freight to be in control of the profitable growth, first class customer service, and service cycle execution for the company moving forward,” according to an internal memo obtained by LM announcing the changes.  The changes involve layoffs of about 100 middle managers at both YRC’s long-haul and regional carriers, including Holland in its Central States area. YRC is expected to discuss these changes when it announces quarterly results next Monday, Feb. 6.“All of us are expected to be effective and efficient in everything we do,” the memo stated.  “Streamlining the field operations structure, by removing one layer of management, will improve our ability to remain focused on safety and drive the effectiveness to benefit our customers and employees.”The memo was sent by Howard Moshier and Mitch Lilly. Moshier is senior vice president of operations at YRC. Lilly is senior vice president of operations and labor relations.According to the changes, YRC division vice president and area Director of Operations roles all be combined into one role titled Area Vice President.  YRC will have 13 U.S. areas plus Canada and Mexico, for a total of 15 areas.  Areas will be organized into two divisions and led by its two existing senior vice presidents, Moshier and LillyThe leadership team for the new YRC Freight Field Operations organization is as follows:     Moshier will lead the East Division with eight Area Vice Presidents. They are Dan Trotta, Bill Gordon, Dan Renftle, Steve Swarthout, Keith Lilly, Bryan Reifsnyder, Tim McKinstry and Maynard Skarka.Lilly will lead the West Division with seven Area Vice Presidents. They are Bill Anderson, Paul Lorensen, Mark Troutt, Jim Coupe, Dan Gatta,  Jim Redington and Paul Lorensen.These Area Vice Presidents (AVP) will be responsible for their areas with  distribution center and terminal managers reporting directly to them, according to the changes.“While decisions like this are necessary for the competitiveness of our company, they are also very difficult because they affect many good people who have contributed much of their careers to YRC Freight,” the memo stated.  “We sincerely appreciate their service and their contributions to our organization.”In an effort to improve safety, the jobs of labor manager and safety manager are being combined. They are now being called “safety/labor managers.”