The sad reality of today’s modern world is that companies and employees need to start planning for potential emergency situations. It’s no longer just getting them out of the building in case of a fire or earthquake – today’s emergency planning also needs to account for active shooter and terrorism scenarios. While most of today’s CSOs concentrate on protecting a company’s data, there are still some who need to worry about physical security at their companies.

In the latest episode of our Security Sessions video interviews, I spoke with Imad Mouline, CTO at Everbridge. The company recently revealed findings from a survey of major companies that while many were concerned about the possibility of an active shooter at their companies, they had yet to institute a preparedness plan, including how they need to communicate with employees and emergency officials during the event. Moline highlighted several areas based on the survey’s results and their business, which provides communication and alerting services for companies:

Among the highlights of the video are the following sections:

1:15 Discussing the results of the emergency preparation plan survey.

2:16 What is the role of the CSO in such a plan?

3:34 Examples of what the CSO can bring to the table with active shooter planning.

4:54 Best ways to alert staff about an active shooter event.

7:46 How CSOs can get over their hesitance or discomfort of preparing an active shooter plan.

9:01 Mistakes that companies make when alerting their employees, based on today’s technologies for communications.

This story, “Why the CSO needs to be involved in active shooter prep” was originally published by CSO.

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