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On this episode, Entrepreneur Network partner Bryan Elliott sits down with entrepreneur and bestselling author Simon Sinek to talk about fear. Sinek, who has worked with major brands, written books and taught Ivy League courses on communication, talks about the sort of fear he had to fight against to break through and become a successful entrepreneur.

Sinek didn’t just fear that his businesses would fail — he feared that his coworkers hated him and that he’d be evicted from his home. He stacked up the sort of fears that would often convince others not to try at all. To give up on their ideas and try for something more mainstream. 

As Sinek says, humans are social creatures who often reject fear or risk and prefer the comfort of being with other people. It’s hard to know you’re alone with your business idea — to wonder whether you’re doing the right thing or whether you’ve already failed and you just don’t know it yet.

But Sinek, like so many other successful entrepreneurs, withstood that hardship, and now he’s better for it. 

Watch the video to learn more.

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