Samsung is hosting a press conference at 11 a.m., ET, in New York where the company will make several big announcements, chief of which will be its new flagship Android smartphone.

There’s a lot riding on this release because Samsung’s last major launch, the Galaxy Note 7, proved to be an epic failure. Samsung ultimately killed that smartphone after two recalls, both related to issues with faulty batteries.

Here’s what we’re expecting from the Galaxy S8 unveiling on Wednesday.

Samsung will almost certainly introduce the standard-sized Galaxy S8 and larger Galaxy S8+. Rumors have suggested that Samsung will load the phones up with all sorts of futuristic smartphone features, including an iris scanner, a fingerprint reader, face-recognition software and more. The highlight of the phones, however, are supposed to be the new screens, which will reportedly run from edge-to-edge and almost from top to bottom. The Galaxy S8 is expected to offer a 5.8-inch display while the Galaxy S8+ will include a larger 6.2-inch screen.

If you’re interested in accessories, rumors have suggested that Samsung will introduce a special dock for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ called the “DeX dock” that allows the phone to plug into a keyboard, mouse and monitor and operate like a more traditional computer. Plenty of companies have tried this in the past, including Microsoft and Motorola, so Samsung’s going to need to do a lot of convincing to show us this will work better.

Samsung has confirmed it will introduce Bixby, the company’s new smart artificial intelligence assistant. You can think of Bixby as Samsung’s take on Apple’s Siri. The Bixby team now includes the folks from Viv, a company Samsung acquired that includes people who invented Apple’s voice assistant.

Other products may make an appearance. Samsung’s Gear 360 camera is getting a bit long in the tooth and we expect a successor soon. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will also probably work with Samsung’s new Gear VR with a controller, the latest version of the company’s VR headset that was announced earlier this year.

Finally, we expect Samsung tie all of this in how the Galaxy S8 will play a role in its entire ecosystem of products, including smart home appliances that work with Smart Things technology.