Fleets, Manufacturers Have Equipment Options to Comply With 2018 GHG Requirements

Stoughton Trailers

This story appears in the March 13 print edition of Equipment & Maintenance Update, a supplement to Transport Topics.

Trailers purchased by fleets in 2018 must comply with Phase 2 of the greenhouse-gas rule from the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but there will be a menu of equipment options for achieving compliance.

For 53-foot box vans and refrigerated trailers, fleets will choose among a combination of low-rolling-resistance tires, side skirts and other aerodynamic devices, automatic tire inflation systems, or ATIS, tire pressure monitoring systems, or TPMS, and lighter-weight components, such as aluminum wheels and wide-base tires. The same options are available for flatbed trailers, apart from aerodynamic devices, which do not bring the same advantages to flatbeds.

In recent years, the high cost of diesel fuel had encouraged many fleets to use these technologies voluntarily.

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“Many Great Dane customers already have specs that are close to being compliant because they have low-rolling-resistance tires,” said Chris Lee, vice president of engineering at trailer maker Great Dane Trailers.

“We allow fleets to choose the actual components they want to meet their compliance goals,” Lee said. “This allows each fleet operation to achieve a compliant package in a way that meets their unique needs.” Because side skirts “provide high benefit, we expect many customers to choose them,” Lee added.

Each trailer that is sold must be compliant with the regulation, and the specific requirements differ according to the type of trailer.

“The compliance levels are based on the limitations of each product family,” said Gary Fenton, vice president of engineering at Stoughton Trailers.

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By Bruce Lilly
Contributing Writer

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