“I always view it like this,” he says. “For example, can you play the saxophone? No? Okay, I can’t play the saxophone either, so imagine if we are teaching other how to play. It would sound like a mess.”

Wendler pointed out other examples, too, like taking legal advice from somebody who’s not a lawyer.

In Wendler’s day job, he talks about all the people who told him he wasn’t going to make it as a champion lifter, a coach, a trainer, an author, a person with his own brand that has resonated with so many people. They were “beginners” in those fields, and didn’t know the first thing about what they were doing. Their advice shouldn’t have mattered.

Likewise, when it comes to career moves, there are plenty of people out there who will tell you what they think, but how many of them really know what they’re talking about?

If you’re starting out, don’t listen to your peers if they’re beginners too. Seek out advice from the leaders in the field, the best people you can find. And perhaps from Wendler, who is not a beginner and who releases his latest book, “5/3/1 Forever,” on March 23.