Wearable technology has the prospective to augment our surroundings, improve our health, and change the way we intermingle with each other.

Yet while fitness trackers like the Fitbit aim to help us convalesce our health, they’re not all that effective, GOQii founder Vishal Gondal commented.

“I have used every possible fitness band,” Gondal says. “While these devices promised to help you get fit, they didn’t really work for most people.”

This might be the reason why most people tend to abandon wearable devices all together. In fact, one-third of people abandon their wearable tech devices within just six months, according to a report from January.

Here comes GOQii……

The idea for GOQii developed when Gondal noticed that he wasn’t simply using the devices exclusively, but also shared the collected data with a personal trainer who would then provide him with customized advice. Boom! GOQii was born.

The fitness startup was able to raise $13.4 million in its Series A round to compete with the likes of FitBit. The startup was founded by Gondal, the former CEO of Indiagames. After achieving critically acclaimed success and selling his company to media tycoon Disney for a whopping $100 million, he set out on a new mission to create GOQii.

GOQii first started its beta run with 1,000 users and that was successful. They then expanded to new cities with the same mission. The startup now has offices in Mumbai, India and Shenzhen, China and plans to expand its services to the Middle East, the United States, and Singapore.

“Wearables are not just a fitness device or a band, in the next 3-5 years wearables will become your mobile devices.” – Vishal Gondal, founder of GOQii commented.

On the surface, GOQii is a fitness band that competes with the likes of Fitbit, Xiaomi’s Mi Band, Nike’s FuelBand, Jawbone and so on. But there’s more to it. GOQii is a service on top of a wearable device. The network consists of tailored health trainers, nutritionists, behavioral psychologists, etc, who are available 24×7 on the ‘cloud’, and help users interpret their body data and make changes to their health and lifestyle.

“Mobile phones started as an item of luxury and later on it become ubiquitous. We are talking about the era where smartphones themselves will disappear and your wearable will become your phone,” Vishal Gondal continued to comment.

Gondal’s smart and relentless execution is exactly what has been GOQii grow exponentially in such a short period of time — their business models allows to grow and multiply very quickly.

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