“I had come from a history of making so many poor financial decisions,” he says.

Here’s how he turned his life around.

Taylor adopted strict saving rules. He uses an equation where 50 percent of his take home income goes directly to savings, 30 percent goes to necessary spending and 20 percent goes to “fun” purchases like movie tickets or lattes.

Instead of letting small purchases add up and drain his bank account, the young professional decided to have weekly “date nights” with his finances, a habit he still keeps today. Every Sunday evening, Taylor makes himself a nice meal and pours himself a glass of wine. He then goes over all of the expenditures from the week.

Taylor didn’t wait around to find the perfect, high-paying career. While he applied to salaried jobs, he found easy ways to make extra money. For example, he found a job watching movies and writing reviews for advertising and film review companies. He also sold some of his iPhone photos to bring in a few bucks.

Over time, the extra cash added up.

One of the biggest lessons Taylor learned while on the six year journey is this: Having fun while saving is the key to long-term financial health.

“It feels pretty incredible to, six years later, be so blessed,” he says.

Video by Andrea Kramar.