Being an entrepreneur is a grind that can mean working long hours. Success never comes easily and it can be a struggle at times to keep chasing the dream. Every entrepreneur needs external motivation to give them the drive they need to keep pushing forward to make their company a success. For me, that motivation comes from being a dad.

There is nothing in life like being in the delivery room by your wife’s side when the baby comes. The feelings of anticipation. The rush of the delivery. Then the sense of utter joy and amazement once the baby is delivered! I’ve had the great fortune to do it twice, having been blessed with two amazing daughters, now ages 4 and 8.

My family means everything to me. Every day truly brings about something new and amazing. There are so many blessings that come with fatherhood. However, in order to write a blog (not a book) one must condense their thoughts considerably.

So, with that in mind, I give you:

The Top 10 Reasons Being a Dad Totally Rocks!

1) The feeling of scooping a sleeping child off the sofa, then carrying them up to their room and putting them to bed is totally amazing and utterly peaceful.

2) Coming home from work never felt so good! The moment your kids come running up when you walk in the door makes the pains of the work day go away in an instant.

3) As a dad, your kids see you as their superhero. The one to guide and protect them. There is nowhere else in life that you can receive that kind of unconditional love and admiration.

4) A child’s laugh is the best sound in the world. The sound is even better when it is your own children. Nobody will ever laugh at your jokes the way your kids do. As dads, we get to play the role of the family comedian. How fun is that!

5) Life is never dull. EVER!

6) Playing with your kids keeps you youthful, and brings back all the best memories you have of playing as a child yourself.

7) The immense sense of pride you feel when your child does something that YOU taught them is out of this world.

8) Comforting your child and giving them direction to solve their problems in life provides you with tremendous satisfaction and self-worth.

9) Cuddle time! Everybody loves hugs. They are even better when they come from your own little mini-me.

10) Seeing that look of utter amazement in their eyes when they experience something for the first time!

Being a dad has defined me and has given me a sense of purpose in everything I do. Nothing I’ve done in business, sports, education or anything else in life even comes close to being as rewarding as raising kids.

A version of this article was originally published on The Good Men Project

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