“What is happening here is not average, it’s extraordinary; over 2000 people, 79 countries, 800 companies. You ladies and gentleman represent the global hospitality industry, and right here, right now, it is the center of it all. You are the tastemakers, the dealmakers, you are here to inform, inspire, and conduct business. That is why we are here, 20 years now, offering platforms for the solutions to challenges our industry faces, while making the deals and illuminating the trends that will continue to define and drive hotel investment and development forward in the decades to come. IHIF is the meeting of global collaboration for a reason; together we set the goals forward. Because there is no stop on hospitality, only go, this is the working due, this is why you come to IHIF. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Berlin, welcome to the 20th International Investment Forum.” – Questex Hospitality Group