Why Ryan, Undercut by Trump, May Actually Emerge Stronger

In a trying week, Speaker Paul D. Ryan took shots from his unruly House conservatives, but he deftly channeled their anger onto the Trump administration.

Congressional memo: Republicans Get Their Health Bill. But It May Cost Them.

The legislative victory may weaken G.O.P lawmakers facing re-election in moderate districts. And it may strengthen the party’s Freedom Caucus.

Trump’s Threats Against Freedom Caucus Cause Few Shivers of Fear

The president’s attack on fellow Republicans was only the latest and most high profile in the increasingly open warfare within the party.

Dealt a Defeat, Republicans Set Their Sights on Major Tax Cuts

By ALAN RAPPEPORT March 26, 2017 WASHINGTON — Picking themselves up after the bruising collapse of their health care plan, President Trump and Republicans in Congress will start this week on a legislative obstacle course that will be even more arduous:...

On Health Law, G.O.P. Faces a Formidable Policy Foe: House Republicans

A group of House Republicans, known as the House Freedom Caucus, pose possibly the greatest threat to the party’s chance to scrap the health care law.