Economy Needs Workers, but Drug Tests Take a Toll

By NELSON D. SCHWARTZ July 24, 2017 YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Just a few miles from where President Trump will address his blue-collar base here Tuesday night, exactly the kind of middle-class factory jobs he has vowed to bring back from overseas are...

Start-Ups and Old Guard Spar Across U.S. on Noncompete Pacts

As some states make it harder to block workers from going elsewhere, Idaho has passed a law that tips the scale toward their employers.

Heroin Use? Juvenile Record? For Recruits, Police Forgive Past Sins

By TIMOTHY WILLIAMS June 12, 2017 Are you cleanshaven and tattoo-free? What’s your credit score? What about marijuana — ever inhaled? Becoming a police officer has long depended on having the right answers to questions like these. But now, faced...

Rogue Agent Scandal Clouds Efforts to Expand Border Patrol

President Trump wants to streamline the hiring process to add 5,000 new agents, but critics say cut corners could again leave the agency vulnerable to corrupt hires.

Wheels: Shortage of Auto Mechanics Has Dealerships Taking Action

Car companies have had to create special training and hiring programs to meet the need, and the jobs that are available can pay handsomely.