Mystery of Russian Fake on Facebook Solved, by a Brazilian

The Times concluded that “Melvin Redick” on Facebook was a fake American created by Russia as part of its propaganda campaign. But where did the man’s photos come from?

Despite Vote in Favor, Puerto Rico Faces a Daunting Road to Statehood

Puerto Ricans were delivering conflicting messages before a skeptical Congress the day after voters overwhelmingly cast ballots in favor of statehood.

Michael Flynn Misled Pentagon About His Russia Ties, Letter Says

By MARK MAZZETTI and MATTHEW ROSENBERG May 22, 2017 WASHINGTON — Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, misled Pentagon investigators about his income from companies in Russia and contacts with officials...

Feeling the Winds of Change in a G.O.P. Bastion Outside Atlanta

By RICHARD FAUSSET May 3, 2017 ATLANTA — As Anjali Enjeti’s mother-in-law was tagging along on a recent family trip to New York City, there was a moment when she pointed out the glory of Manhattan’s diversity — as though it were...