The End of DACA: What We Know and Don’t Know

September 5, 2017 The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it would begin phasing out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program on March 5, 2018. The program, introduced by President Barack Obama through executive action five years ago,...

Survivors of Smuggling Trip Could Gain Entry to U.S. by Becoming Witnesses

By CAITLIN DICKERSON July 26, 2017 As the authorities work to identify the immigrants who died in an overheated tractor-trailer in Texas and investigate the smuggling network that put them there, attention is now turning to another complicated question: What...

Torture Victim, Expecting a U.S. Handshake, Was Given Handcuffs Instead

A man who had been beaten and jailed by Venezuelan security agents fled to the United States, but was arrested when he arrived at an asylum interview in Miami.

A Woman Long at Risk of Deportation Gains a Reprieve

A federal judge says Jessica Colotl, a Mexican who came to the United States when she was 11, can stay while an application to renew her protected status is reconsidered.

Visa Applications Pour In by Truckload Before Door Slams Shut

By MIRIAM JORDAN April 3, 2017 LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. — The delivery trucks began arriving with their precious parcels before daybreak Monday, lining up before the massive ziggurat that rises here above Orange County’s suburban sprawl. Each truck...