Stay Metrics announced the next generation of its predictive driver turnover model.

Predictive 2.0 mode provides motor carriers with research-based insights on why drivers leave companies and its algorithms extrapolate data from the company’s full product suite, which has been integrated into a single database, according to the South Bend, Indiana-based company.

The full product suite includes, among other features: seven-day orientation and 45-day interviews to identify driver expectations, experiences and satisfaction levels at critical periods for preventing early turnover, according to the company.

“During our quarterly consultations, we translate results from the model into practical strategies and prescriptions that will reduce turnover. We hold our clients accountable for acting on their data to increase driver engagement, satisfaction and to move their needle for driver retention,” Stay Metrics CEO Tim Hindes said in a statement.

Stay Metrics said it has collected more than 5 million individual driver responses from more than 50,000 completed annual driver satisfaction surveys.

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