If you’ve every played Cards Against Humanity, you can tell pretty quickly that its makers have a wry and dark sense of humor all their own.

If you’re not familiar with it, the game is pretty simple: There are black and white cards. The black cards have questions or prompts and the white cards have potential answers. One person selects a black prompt card, the other players put down an answer card and the dealer chooses the best response. The winner of a round gets to judge the next, and the final winner is the person who possesses the biggest pile of black cards.

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CB Insights, a firm that specializes in predicting tech and venture capital trends, drew inspiration from the game to make its own version inspired by the startup scene: Cards Against Silicon Valley.

The tag line — a play on Cards Against Humanity’s — is “a party game for horrible tech people.”

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The game is Silicon Valley-fied right down the rules — for example, the first person to select a black question card is whoever most recently saw a Tesla in person — they are the “Marc Andreessen.”

The Cards Against Humanity cards range from snarky to outrageous, and CB Insights has taken this to heart in writing its version of the game. Check out a selection of cards below.