The wealthy didn’t get to where they are because they are better educated. Many of the super-rich started from nothing. Education disparity is not the problem. The problem is that most people don’t know how to produce income in the marketplace.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both quit college and started businesses in garages, without the help of banks. They wanted to do something extraordinary.

The difference between the rich and the poor is significant, and the disparity goes far beyond wealth. There is a monster gap between the two groups in actions, thinking and persistence when it comes to seeing things through.

Here are some things I have observed from watching wealthy people:

1. The rich don’t protest or boycott — they produce

Watching people respond to the results of the presidential election reminded me of a time in my life over 30 years ago when I was devoting a lot energy to blaming, hating and protesting. I was acting like a victim, and life, in turn, kept making me a victim.

You can’t create the future you deserve while obsessed with the past you resent. Super wealthy people don’t waste time focused on the past; they invest time, energy and effort in producing products and services that people want and need.

They don’t contribute to the problems of society. They solve problems for society.

2. The rich don’t blame others and point fingers

Instead, they direct money, people and effort toward advancing.

When it comes to getting what you want out of life, the wealthy know that no one can make it happen for you except you. You don’t see super wealthy people blaming others for why they have failed. This is because they have pushed forward toward success in spite of obstacles they may have encountered.

In order to move forward, commit to staying on track, regardless of obstacles. Blaming and pointing fingers will not move you forward, it pulls you backward and puts the responsibility for your success on others.

3. The rich think in terms of abundance, not scarcity

Poor people tend to think in limits and shortages and the very wealthy just don’t.

Consider the Pacific Ocean. How many buckets of water could you take from it? If you took as many bucketfuls as you wanted, would there still be plenty of ocean? Absolutely.

Get over the idea that money is scarce — it isn’t. Money is everywhere. There is no shortage of people ready to invest in your ideas and spend money on your products, and the super wealthy know this first-hand.

I promise you that the rich would like nothing more than to see those at all income and wealth levels improve their financial conditions. You can blame the rich for income equality or direct your anger at them, but there is no historical proof that these actions will resolve the disparity.

The richest people in the world do not prevent the poorest 3.6 billion from moving up.

Invest in yourself. Only you can increase your income. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett will be happy when you do so, guaranteed.

Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author and sales training expert.