We pull together new products from a wide range of providers for treating, moving seed; and precision application of crop nutrients

By The Penton Ag Farm Show Team

Precision application used to mean sprayers and spreaders, but these days the idea has expanded to include seed treatment and seed handling. Yet there’s still a lot of tech going into the way you apply crop nutrients too. This gallery offers a look at a wide range of machines and technologies you can put to work on your farm. All come from the fall farm shows – coverage we’re wrapping up with this week’s gallery.

Check out the products and click the links to learn more about the tools being offered. Interestingly, you’ll find in many cases companies that are involved in seed handling also have products for nutrient application.

This gallery was made possible by the work of the Penton Ag Farm Show Team which included Tom Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer; Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist; Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer; and Curt Arens, Nebraska Farmer.