The deal will help BrewDog enact its five-year strategy, culminating in a public listing at the end of that time horizon, Watt suggested.

“We spoke to many potential partners and we found that TSG were completely aligned with our business plan,” said Watt.

“They have good experience of taking companies public and they only invest in consumer-focused companies, which really appealed to us.”

BrewDog’s first international brewery is scheduled to open shortly in Columbus, Ohio, responding to growing U.S. demand for craft beer. This will also provide the premises for its flagship beer-themed hotel, which is due open in early 2019.

A second beer hotel based at the firm’s flagship Aberdeen brewery is scheduled for 2020.

The expansion will also see a number of new hires and the launch of new breweries in Asia and Australia, trimming production inefficiencies and environmental impact.

“Beer has been commoditised for too long and people all over the world are discovering the depth of flavour and character.

“We’re keen to see more independent players come to the market so everyone can take some market share from the large players.”

BrewDog hopes to secure 15 percent of the domestic U.K. market in the coming years.

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