Internet trolls seem to be shaking down White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for money on payment app Venmo, while others are treating him like a charity case and sending him donations.

It appears Spicer has finally become aware of the action — his Venmo account (or one that appears to be his) is now set to private. However, screenshots posted on Twitter show people paid Spicer for things like Dippin’ Dots — a reference to his bizarre four-year history of disgruntled tweeting on the ice cream snack — and a “donation to get ur hairline back.”

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Others didn’t want to throw some cash Spicer’s way, so instead they asked him for money. One person requested Spicer pay up for “anxiety meds because your boss is a lunatic.”

President Trump isn’t having the best day with trolls, either. His “EASY D!” comment on Twitter, likely meaning “easy decision,” has made plenty of people wonder what else he may have meant by it.

This all begs the question: Where is Melania Trump? The First Lady has said she’d like to make ending cyber bullying one of her causes. She may want to start now.