LOGAN TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Mitsubishi announced today that its 2017 Fuso FE and FG series trucks will come with an optional collision avoidance system from Mobileye.

Recently, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America p artnered with Mobileye to offer the Mobileye 6 Series Collision Avoidance System in Fuso trucks — a first for a medium-duty truck OEM. 

“Fuso has always led the market in safety innovations, so it’s only fitting for us to partner with Mobileye, a leader in collision avoidance technology, to offer driver’s additional peace-of-mind when operating Fuso trucks,” said Jecka Glasman, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America.

For a limited time, Fuso will install the Mobileye system free of charge on all of its 2017  FE and FG Series trucks. Normally, this would be a $1,000 option for customers.

The Mobileye system’s forward-looking sensors act as a never-distracted and never-fatigued “third eye” and can detect and warn of an imminent rear-end collision at any vehicle speed, with up to 2.7 seconds of advance notice. The Mobileye system identifies pedestrians and cyclists during daylight hours and alerts drivers in the event of a possible collision.

For more information on the Mobileye system and for driver training resources, contact an authorized Mitsubishi Fuso dealer, or visit www.mitfuso.com to find a dealer near you.