Ever dreamed of eating chocolate for a living? A new position has opened up with Mondelez International, the company responsible for Oreo, Cadbury and other snacks, offering to pay you for the privilege.

The chocolate and cocoa beverage taster position, based in Reading, U.K., is open to those with a “passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection” as the company seeks “objective and honest feedback” on its products.

The part-time position will see the successful applicant work 7.5 hours a week, giving feedback alongside a panel of 12 in discussions and sensory booths based at the company’s science park.

Remuneration for the position remains undisclosed but the vacancy posted on the firm’s website does promise “the chance, each and every day, to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Think you’ve got what it takes? Mondelez asks for honesty, eagerness and a firm grasp of the English language in its latest recruit to the chocolate factory.

And no, your name needn’t be Charlie.