LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman joined Microsoft’s board on Tuesday, where he hopes to deepen Microsoft’s Silicon Valley ties and work on artificial intelligence.

Microsoft agreed to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in June, as CEO Satya Nadella continues to revamp Microsoft’s portfolio. Hoffman was expected to get a seat.

Since the deal, Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft has focused on driving LinkedIn’s revenue and integrating its valuable data and recruiting tools, chief financial officer Amy Hood said last month.

Hoffman, who was chairman of LinkedIn’s board, announced his move in a LinkedIn post. He, Nadella and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates thought a Microsoft board seat would be the best way for Hoffman to “serve LinkedIn’s long-standing mission in a hands-on way,” the post said.

“From this position, I will continue to focus on helping LinkedIn fulfill its mission of increasing the economic productivity of individual professionals and the companies they work for,” Hoffman wrote. “I’ll also contribute more broadly as Microsoft deepens its presence in Silicon Valley and continues to weave social, AI, and other technologies into [its] products.”

Here’s more from Hoffman on what he’s interested in:

Imagine a Cortana-like intelligent assistant helping you determine which third-degree connections make the most sense for you to pursue. Or LinkedIn Learning courseware that incorporates Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality technology for more immersive learning experiences.