The CBS anchor Josh Elliott was abruptly asked to leave the network on Monday amid confusion over his role there.

A CBS spokeswoman confirmed that Mr. Elliott, 45, was departing and would “no longer be reporting for CBS News.”

Mr. Elliott, who previously worked at ABC and NBC, was hired by CBS just 11 months ago to be the star anchor of its streaming service, CBSN, an initiative to which network executives had devoted extra time and resources.

On Friday, however, Mr. Elliott told viewers in a rather gushy announcement that he would no longer be one of the streaming service’s main anchors.

He apparently did not tell any of his bosses, including David Rhodes, president of CBS News, that he planned to announce his farewell. Although Mr. Elliott was expected to move from his daily CBSN anchoring roles and take on a broader reporting job, CBS was not planning to publicize the move.

On Monday, Mr. Rhodes decided to end CBS’s relationship with Mr. Elliott and told him in a morning meeting. Mr. Rhodes told senior CBS News officials at an editorial meeting on Monday that he had asked Mr. Elliott to leave because his announcement on Friday had created unnecessary confusion, according to two people present at the meeting.

Mr. Rhodes was also apparently concerned that Mr. Elliott’s announcement could stoke unwanted speculation about Mr. Elliott’s future, and the future of other anchors, according to the people present.

News of Mr. Elliott’s departure was reported by The New York Post.

This is the third network that Mr. Elliott has departed in three years. He left ABC’s “Good Morning America” in 2014 after a rough contract negotiation during which the network’s news president at the time, Ben Sherwood, told staff members that ABC executives had “worked hard to close a significant gap between our generous offer and his expectations.” Mr. Elliott left NBC the next year after a fitful turn with the sports division that resulted in few on-air appearances.

Mr. Elliott remains under contract at CBS for another year, and the network is expected to continue to pay him.