For the record, Don Robinson knows exactly when and where his personal and professional milestone happened: 9 p.m. on Oct. 8 in the northbound lane of Interstate 71 in Ohio.

Mile marker 178, to be exact.

That placed veteran truck driver Robinson and his YRC tractor-trailer just a bit north of Mansfield when he reached 4 million accident-free miles.

To put it another way, Robinson has driven a truck the equivalent of 160.6 times around the Earth’s equator without getting into an accident that he caused.

“You have to pay attention to what you’re doing,” said Robinson, a Green resident who also teaches driving safety for YRC Worldwide. He and his wife, Sue, have five children between them. Robinson has been with the company for 38 years, starting out with YRC predecessor Roadway Corp. in Akron. He’s a third-generation trucker: His grandfather worked with Roadway’s co-founder Galen Roush and his father was also a driver.

YRC ranks No. 5 on the Transport Topics Top 100 list of the largest U.S. and Canadian for-hire carriers.

Just 24 of Kansas-based trucking company YRC Worldwide’s 11,500 drivers have reached the 4 million mile accident-free marker, said Howard Moshier, YRC’s senior vice president of operations. Moshier was at YRC’s freight terminal in Copley Township on Feb. 7 to help celebrate Robinson’s rare accomplishment.

By Jim Mackinnon
Akron Beacon Journal


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