As Hurricane Irma rolled north on Monday, videos and pictures on social media captured the storm’s powerful effects throughout Florida.

Here are pictures from the professional photographers on the scene.

In St. Augustine, on the state’s northeast coast, streets were flooded as the hurricane moved up the Florida peninsula.

Parts of downtown Miami were flooded, and waist-deep water threatened businesses.

And encroaching waters in Jacksonville pushed a river beyond its banks near a hospital, according to Paige Kelton, a reporter for WJAX-TV.

Streets in downtown Jacksonville turned to rivers.

The storm reportedly ripped a chunk off the exterior of a DoubleTree Hotel near the Orlando airport.

The authorities in several cities posted images of fallen trees and other obstacles that prevented many residents from going home or getting out.

In St. Petersburg, the storm reportedly snapped a 2½-foot-wide palm tree at its stump.

A drone video in Naples, where the storm arrived after making landfall at Marco Island, showed houses that were mostly still standing but that had sustained significant damage and were surrounded by floodwaters.

In Miami, winds of as high as 100 miles per hour toppled parts of construction cranes.

Storm surges in the city, which was battered for hours, created powerful currents.

Floodwaters in Miami were reported to be neck deep. Despite the rising waters and whipping winds, many in Miami expressed relief as the path of the storm veered west.