Running a startup is a herculean task. That’s why most business owners tend to avoid taking vacation and build up anxiety as a result.

I have seen a fairly good business crumble because the owner took a business trip. Not even a vacation — a business trip. It is even shocking that 70 percent of small business owners do not see a holiday as a vacation from work.

Running a business while on vacation is one of the many challenges business owners face, but with the tips below, you can do it.

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1. Build a positive culture.

Make sure your employees embody important values like accountability, trust, responsibility, hard-work and creativity.

In an email interview, Chris Ross, CEO of Mindflow Design said, “We always give our employees a considerable level of responsibility to carry out specific tasks. However, we also arm them with standardized protocols that they can fall back on. With you out of the picture for a few days or weeks, they can confidently stand firm and run the business as if you were there.”

2. Work with the right people.

Working with the right people in any business venture is a big deal. Finding those people is usually a tough task, but once you achieve it, you will be in a great place.

Maulik Patel, Founder of Dealslands, in an email interview, said, “Working with the right people has been the success story of our company. This is partly attributed to our values of respect and dedication. I confidently go on vacation without fear of what may happen to the business because we have a capable staff.”

I am privileged to have a hardworking staff. Our customers were shocked when they learned I was the CEO of my business, because my employees were so dedicated, working extra hours to see our goals through. Hence, I have no vacation anxiety as my staff is capable and trustworthy.

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3. Make your expectations clear.

Your expectations must be very clear to your employees when you go on vacation. Set performance standards for sales, profit and waste, because expectation triggers manifestation. Your expected results should be made clear to your employees in order for them to have a clear picture of what is expected from them.

4. Keep the communication channels open

One of the most important elements in an organization is communication. Communication is at the heart and blood stream of every business. Without communication, you can’t plan, organize, control, lead and coordinate the vital activities of your business.

Thanks to digital technology, our smart phones can enhance communication between you and your employees. Social networks like Google mail and hangout, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Skype can assist you to have real time information on your business. Clear communication is a necessity. It keeps you in touch with your employees and daily happenings in your business.

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5. Set out a fair reward for hard-work

Employees are vital business resources and their level of productivity largely depends on your reward system. You have to keep your employees motivated at all times in order to get the best from them.

Your workers should be able to have a burning desire to accomplish set tasks in anticipation of a reward. If you are able to engage your employees to focus on the task ahead, then it doesn’t matter if you are there or not; what matters is how to accomplish job assignments to get the ultimate prize from the boss.

Apart from the reward, I was able to get souvenir and bring some bottles of wines home, although with strict adherence to international travel with wine bottles, to enjoy and share a little of my vacation experience with friends and family.

In conclusion, taking a summer vacation was one of the positive things I have done this year because I was opportune to meet lots of people, shared ideas and business opportunities. Being far away from my business enabled me to try something new. Guess what, I was able to build an app for my business through Bobile. With these vacation policies, I was able to handle work-life balance and improved my business productivity.