If you’re heading to Houston for the Super Bowl this year, chances are the trip cost a pretty penny.

Hotels filled to capacity, exclusive parties, and expensive game tickets (if you’re really lucky)—it all adds up. It all suggests the biggest game in professional sports is out of reach for the average person, right?

Well, perhaps not.

Robert Tuchman is an executive at Creative Artists Agency’s (CAA) Premium Experience, a division of the entertainment management giant that creates Super Bowl packages for mostly corporate clients. He told CNBC’s “On the Money” in an interview that there’s two ways to experience the Super Bowl, and one of those options is tailor-made for the cost-conscious.

“There’s the value package, the individuals, the people who really just want to go and experience it, and those could run around five thousand to six thousand dollars and that’s an all-inclusive package,” Tuchman told CNBC recently.

“And then you have corporate spenders who add on things like ‘meet and greets’ with players and passes to parties and golf, and those could go in excess of $10,000 a person,” he added.

This year, ticket prices—which tumbled sharply after NFC darlings, the Dallas Cowboys, were knocked out of contention—are just right for those on a budget.

The corporate planner says a lot of the pricing demand is driven by the teams. This year the New England Patriots are taking on the Atlanta Falcons, and he noted the Falcons don’t have a history of success or a huge NFL following.

“If the Dallas Cowboys had gotten into the Super Bowl this year, because they have such a huge fan base, and they’re very close to Houston, the price of the ticket would have been probably twice as much right now,” said Tuchman.

Super Bowl tickets, he says, are going for approximately $2,500. That may sound expensive but not when you compare that to last year in San Francisco, already one of the most expensive cities in the world. Those tickets, he said, would have cost $4,500.

For those unable to make the big game this year, next year could be the charm. The game is set to take place in Minneapolis, and Tuchman speculated that demand won’t be as big as a destination city like Miami or New Orleans.

The average temperature in Minneapolis in February? A high of 21 degrees and a low of 6 degrees.

Of course, demand will also be dependent on the teams that make it, so Tuchman said planning in advance is key to keeping costs under control.

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