There’s apparently a big difference between the foods eaten on Valentine’s Day by singles and couples.

While couples were likely to order in sushi, single folks were all about comfort food on the day of love, according to data from Grubhub.

The number one order made by singles? Potato wedges.

The dish was ordered 210 percent more by singles than couples last Valentine’s Day. In close second was bacon and egg sandwiches, which was ordered 205 percent more.

It seems that single folks preferred comfort food, with orders like BLTs, cheeseburgers and hash browns topping the list. Couples, on the other hand, were looking for something a little more romantic.

Couples, on the other hand, were looking for something a little more romantic.

The most ordered dish for couples? Saag paneer. It was ordered 286 percent more by couples than singles last Valentine’s day, Grubhub said.

In addition to sushi, couples also ordered gnocchi, papaya salad and Tandoori chicken more than singles last Valentine’s Day.

Indian cuisine and sushi topped the list of most-ordered food by couples, with 4 of the top 10 dishes being a type of specialty sushi roll.

That trend continued when looking at all purchases made on Valentine’s Day 2016, compared with any other Sunday in 2016. (This comparison was made because Valentine’s Day occurred on a Sunday last year.)

Across the board, Asian cuisine appeared to be the most popular purchase for all consumers on Valentine’s Day.

Cantonese dishes were ordered 18 percent more on Valentine’s Day last year than any other Sunday, closely followed by Sichuan and Japanese.