Subway is ranked as the 14th best restaurant in our Franchise 500 list. It costs between $147,050 and $320,700 to buy one of those franchises.

That definitely seems like a big investment. But, just as with any purchase — or any choice, for that matter — you have to consider what your alternatives are.

For example, instead of buying even the cheapest Subway franchise, you could, theoretically, get 37 Jan-Pro home-based franchises, which go for as little as $3,985.

But, Subway’s six-figure price tag is actually much less expensive than other restaurant franchise options. McDonald’s, our top-ranked restaurant, will run you at least $1 million. In that respect, then, a Subway franchise costs about seven times less than the cheapest McDonald’s.

That makes it seem almost like a bargain.

In this slideshow, we’re breaking down exactly how far $147,050 — the minimum amount you would need to buy a Subway franchise — can take you, whether you’re thinking about investing in a different franchise, considering business school or just want to buy all of the Subway sandwiches at once.

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