LONDON,  Ont. – The Healthy Fleet 10 Pound Challenge is past the halfway mark, and organizers say it is bringing in massive weight loss numbers each week.

The leaderboard currently shows 394 pounds have been lost, bringing the average pounds lost per person to just over 5.5 pounds, right on track for participants to reach their goals of losing 10 pounds in the 8 week challenge.

Andrea Morley, nutritionist and health coach at Healthy Trucker, said: “Participants have blown us away with their commitment to their goals over the past month. They’ve dropped excuses, made their health a priority, and most importantly, they took action.”

Participants were asked to fill out a survey half-way through the program, to gauge success and satisfaction. Here are the results:

  • 78% reported feeling better
  • 96% reported eating better
  • 68% reported exercising more

Additionally, all participants reported strong appreciation and gratitude about their employer for taking the initiative to enter the 10 Pound Challenge and gave them a chance to participate.

“We are extremely excited about these results. Our participants are proving that it is possible lead a healthy lifestyle in the trucking industry,” added Morley.

With the success of this weight loss challenge, many participants are already asking what type of challenge we will be running next.

“Based on feedback from our participants during this challenge and previous ones, we are working on developing an app to create an easy and accessible platform for them to track their exercise and diet. The new app will connect participants directly with their coach and other team members, providing them with motivation and feedback to achieve their goals,” said Aaron Lindsay, vice-president of marketing for Healthy Trucker.

For more information on how to reserve a spot for you or your company in the upcoming challenge on May 1st 2017, please email