“Google Home is a hands-free smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant that does just that. Whether you want to get answers from Google, turn up the music, sort out some everyday tasks or control compatible smart devices in your home, all you have to do is say ‘Ok Google’,” said Suveer Kothari, director of product partnerships and planning for Google Home, on a blog post.

Google promises the device, which costs £129 ($162), will work with other smart devices in your home, meaning users could control lights, switches and the temperature using voice commands and the Home.

Along with the device, the internet giant introduced Google Wifi, a new internet router intended to cope with the increasing number of connected devices in our homes which require high bandwidths.

“Google Wifi is a connected system that replaces your current router to bring smarts, security and simplicity to home Wi-Fi to give you consistently strong coverage in your home,” said Kothari.

Google Wifi uses a technology called mesh Wi-Fi, which creates a network of connections throughout the home, allowing data to more easily between devices.