Pingpong in the break room was so 2016.

This year, companies have upped the ante with far more impressive offerings, like a six-month sabbatical or a monthly stipend to cover juice cleanses.

The majority of job hunters said benefits and perks are among their top considerations before taking a new job, according to a report by job-hunting site Glassdoor.

To attract the best talent in 2017, employers are responding.

Even with flashier perks, many employees still care most about health Insurance, retirement plans, maternity and paternity leave and paid holidays, Glassdoor said.

And beyond that, it’s the culture of a company and career opportunities that ultimately entice a staff to stay, according to a separate Glassdoor report.

Compensation and benefits packages become less important as incomes increase, the report said. At the same time, the culture and values of the organization, the quality of the senior leadership and career opportunities were more significant for workers earning over $40,000.

“While benefits and perks are a great way to get employees in the door, if you really want to help retention, you will need to focus on other workplace factors,” said Allison Berry, Glassdoor’s community expert.

Still, these top 20 employee benefits and perks are hard to resist:

The Swedish furniture giant offers up to four months of paid parental leave to both full-time and part-time employees who have at least one year at the company, regardless of whether they work at a retail store or the corporate headquarters.

The athletic company encourages employees to stay in shape by providing an on-site gym with Crossfit classes.

Rated one of the Best Places to Work, Bain holds an annual three-day “World Cup” interoffice soccer tournament every year and invites employees from all of its global offices to participate.

The banking firm will cover the tab for gender reassignment surgery, a benefit the company has offered since 2008 — long before Caitlyn Jenner made it mainstream.

Interns especially “like” the health-care coverage and free housing that comes on top of a hefty paycheck. Many Facebook interns report earning more than $7,000 per month.

The health-care provider’s interest in their employees’ well-being extends to even their pets with access to health insurance for cats and dogs.

The beverage company provides full tuition reimbursement for its employees, covering an online bachelor’s degree program through Arizona State University.

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The card issuer has a generous policy of up to five months of fully paid parental leave for mothers and fathers. Parents are also given access to a 24-hour lactation consultant, and mothers traveling for business can ship their breast milk home for free.

The ticket seller and concert promoter also promotes good health by offering a monthly $60 wellness stipend, which can be put toward anything from gym memberships to juice cleanses.

The gourmet grocer known for its pricey produce offers a 20 percent discount to all employees, including part timers.

Employees at the burger chain can help themselves to a free Double-Double burger and fries during each shift.

The accounting firm has two sabbatical programs: an unpaid one-month sabbatical that can be taken for any reason, and a three- to six-month sabbatical that can be taken to pursue personal or professional growth opportunities with 40 percent pay.

The clothing maker encourages an interest in art as well as fashion — corporate employees get free access to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (where Gap founders Doris and Donald Fisher worked with the museum to exhibit their private collection).

The software maker offers an annual $800 “StayFit” reimbursement program to help cover the cost of gym memberships and fitness programs.

The insurance company’s “Own the Way You Work” program promotes flexible schedules so employees can work remotely.

The seller of everything offers two programs for new parents, whether they work in the corporate office, customer service or fulfillment center: Leave Share, which allows employees to share paid leave with their partner if the partner’s company does not offer paid leave, and Ramp Back, which gives new moms more flexibility easing back into work.

The insurance provider offers a competitive 401(k) program with an 8 percent match, well above the average 6 percent match, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

The airline has it’s own “Clear Skies Employee Assistance Program” to provide confidential counseling and referral services for employees to help tackle stress, substance abuse, grief and relationship problems.

Car washes, haircuts, a mobile spa and dentist are just some of the unique on-site amenities at the biotech company’s offices.

Employees of the popular boot maker can take up to 40 hours of paid time off a year to volunteer.