Volkswagen‘s VW brand saw February sales fall 7 percent, while Peugeot saw sales drop 3.7 percent and Opel/Vauxhall recorded a fall of 1.2 percent in deliveries.

Among the top gainers was Fiat , with an 8.3 percent sales rise and Renault , which saw a 5.3 percent increase in registrations. Among the premium brands, Mercedes-Benz recorded a 3.4 percent sales gain, outpacing rival Audi , which saw a 2.2 percent rise, while rival BMW saw registrations fall by 0.5 percent, ACEA figures showed.

While demand for passenger cars in the European Union alone increased only modestly by 2.2 percent, the 1,078,503 registrations comes close to February 2008 levels, just before the economic crisis hit, ACEA said.

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