Marketers know that change is coming, thanks to new technologies like machine learning and virtual reality. But in a recent survey, almost two-thirds said they’re not planning to invest in those cutting-edge technologies in 2017.

The data are from Bynder’s just-released “State of Branding 2017” report, which surveyed 562 “global brand managers and CMOs” in December 2016. Of those surveyed, 78 percent are based in North America, and 53 percent work at companies with more than 200 employees. Responses from B2B and B2C brands were almost evenly split.

Respondents said virtual reality (24 percent) and machine learning (23 percent) will have the biggest impact on marketing during the next five years. Augmented reality (17 percent), beacons and chatbots (12 percent each) round out the top five.

But only 43 percent of respondents called their companies early adopters when it comes to new marketing technologies. And very few of them said they’re planning to invest in these kinds of technologies despite knowing the impact they’ll have in the near future. Given a list of new martech tools and platforms, almost two-thirds said “nope” when asked their plans to invest in them this year.

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