Following several recent development initiatives, the Research and Information Technology
Department of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has expanded its repertoire of resources for
members to measure visitor satisfaction, profile the region’s visitors, assess market performance and
estimate economic impact. Together, these technology tools reinforce the CTO’s policy of supplying a
well-rounded analysis of tourism developments throughout the Caribbean.”These new tools, designed
to generate actionable data about our visitors and potential visitors, have increased the relevance of
membership in the CTO for both destinations and the companies that are our allied members,” said
Hugh Riley, Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer of CTO.”As we begin the new year, we
encourage members to use these vital resources to fine-tune marketing strategies, promptly react to
visitor satisfaction levels and capture a more lucrative share of the global tourism market,” said Riley,
adding: “Many of the resources provided by the CTO are included free to destinations with paid-up
membership dues. These tools help officials make more informed decisions, paving the way for
enhancing tourism to the Caribbean.”CTO enters 2017 with new and improved programs that utilize
industry-leading technology to monitor, analyze and report tourism data. These programs include the
following:The CTO-Tourism Information Management System (CTO-TIMS) is a web-based system
designed to collect, store and process a wide range of arrival and departure data from embarkation
and disembarkation sources. CTO-TIMS is an upgrade of the existing Management Information
System for Tourism (MIST), featuring more advanced hardware and software, as well as new
reporting tools for better visualization. The application, which is accessible through standard
browsers, allows tourism policymakers to keep up-to-date with developing trends and identify
potential concerns.CTO has also developed the Survey Analytics System (SAS) online database and
reporting tool to simplify and expedite the reporting process of visitor exit surveys. Member countries
will be able to generate numerous types of reports as soon as the information is processed and
uploaded to SAS, eliminating lengthy wait times.Visitor Intelligence Database for Analytics (VIDA) is a
geodemographic segmentation system featuring demographic and psychographic characteristics of
visitors within major source markets. Using VIDA, CTO members can access detailed reports about
the age, gender, interests, spending patterns and preferred activities of visitors from around the
world. Those detailed reports will help tourism executives to align their marketing outreach with the
specific types of visitors best suited to their country and facilitate more targeted marketing and
product development strategies.The CTO’s Guestpitality Total Visitor Satisfaction is the only program
of its kind, specifically targeting Caribbean destinations to drive improved visitor satisfaction and aid
sustainable tourism development. It allows countries to measure visitor satisfaction levels while the
guests are still in the destination. Visitors answer questions about their experience within seven key
sub-sectors (Customs and Immigration, transport and infrastructure, safety, accommodations,
restaurants, attractions and shopping) enabling tourist boards and ministries to identify the
strengths and weaknesses of their countries and, ultimately, improve visitor satisfaction and retention
rates.One more new initiative developed by the CTO is the Tourism Satellite Account Facilitation Tool
(TSAFT), an online application that shows how tourism directly impacts each country’s economy.
TSAFT automatically processes the data required and generates the Tourism Satellite Account’s ten
tables, reducing the time it takes to organize and assess the data. With this tool, policymakers can
accurately depict tourism’s role in a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employment.In
addition to the programs, CTO has revamped its Tourism Executive Brief, a quarterly publication
which provides market intelligence to tourism executives and keeps them up-to-date with the latest
developments in the industry. The Brief covers information on the economic state of Caribbean source
markets and emerging markets and ways in which they affect travel to the region. A new section has
been added to the Brief to report on consumer behavior and trends among tourists.For more
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