Retail and restaurant stocks had a lift on Friday, but Jim Cramer remained skeptical, and warned that they are too toxic to touch.

“The new stay-at-home economy is precisely what scares me about these stocks that depend on people going out,” the “Mad Money” host explained.

Activision Blizzard, the world’s largest maker of video games reported a monster quarter on Thursday, sending the stock up 18 percent on Friday. Nvidia makes gaming chips, and also reported an insanely great number. Netflix hit a 52-week high, and so did Domino’s Pizza, with Amazon bouncing back behind it.

The one thing that these stocks have in common is the “stay home, don’t go out” theme. These are companies that thrive on people who stay home on their couches, order delivery, play games and watch TV while checking Facebook on their Apple iPhones.

“This is the real enemy of retail and restaurants,” Cramer said.

Some can beat it, but Cramer said most cannot. Panera Bread reported strong earnings, but 25 percent of those sales came from digital, which means it was either takeout or delivery and that distinguishes them from the pack.

Costco hit an all-time high, but that is because it makes its money on memberships, not on foot traffic.

So whether it is time management, or making things easier to do at home, stocks like Nvidia, Apple and Netflix are all coming together to prevent people from leaving the house, and that is what is killing bricks-and-mortar, Cramer said.

“You need to be very careful with this cohort because the forces against retail traffic are numerous, they are powerful, they are not going away and they can only rarely be defeated,” Cramer said.

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