As Trump Bets on China’s Help on North Korea, Aides Ask: Is It Worth It?

China’s failure to tighten pressure on its neighbor has left the Trump administration with few good options in dealing with the North Korea crisis.

Imperfect Partners: How Trump Can Improve the Messy U.S.-Chinese Economic Relationship

Imperfect Partners By NEIL IRWIN April 6, 2017 The United States and China are locked in a mutually dependent, frequently dysfunctional economic partnership. The world’s biggest and second-biggest economies are like a married couple that complain about...

China’s Taxes on Imported Cars Feed Trade Tensions With U.S.

By KEITH BRADSHER March 20, 2017 BEIJING — A Jeep Wrangler can cost $30,000 more in China than in the United States — and the reasons illustrate a growing point of tension between the two countries. Manufactured in Toledo, Ohio, the Wrangler is a...

News Analysis: Trump Foreign Policy Quickly Loses Its Sharp Edge

He is proving to be less of a radical than either his campaign statements or his tempestuous early phone calls with foreign leaders would suggest.