U.S. Army Crew and Pilots Missing After Helicopter Disappears in Hawaii

The Coast Guard was searching for five people who were aboard a Black Hawk helicopter in a training exercise. It was the third crash in about a month involving U.S. military aircraft.

Trump Cites Familiar Argument in Ban on Transgender Troops

Years of study have not produced much evidence to support President Trump’s claims that transgender members make it harder for the military to focus on “decisive and overwhelming victory.”

Marine Corps Plane Crash: The Victims

By THE NEW YORK TIMES July 13, 2017 When 16 American service members died on Monday after their transport plane had a midair emergency and plummeted into the rugged, rural farmland of the Mississippi Delta, the military suffered one of its worst...

Marine Plane Had Emergency at Cruise Altitude, General Says

By ELLEN ANN FENTRESS, RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA and DAVE PHILIPPS July 12, 2017 GREENWOOD, Miss. — A Marine Corps transport plane that crashed in Mississippi, killing 16 service members, experienced an emergency at high...

16 Troops Died in Mississippi Plane Crash, Marines Say

By ALAN BLINDER July 11, 2017 ATLANTA — Sixteen troops died when a Marine Corps transport plane crashed in the Mississippi Delta on Monday, the military said early Tuesday. In a brief statement, the Marines said the flight, involving a KC-130 transport...