A Top Presidential Public Defender Was Also a Twitter Critic

Mark Corallo, a longtime conservative operative, was highly critical of Mr. Trump on Twitter before he was hired to the president’s legal team.

Ivanka Trump Says Father Felt ‘Vindicated’ by Comey Testimony

Ms. Trump said the president was optimistic and eager to pivot to other issues after the testimony by James B. Comey, the ousted F.B.I. director.

Chinese Maker of Ivanka Trump’s Shoes Looks for Cheaper Labor

By KEITH BRADSHER June 1, 2017 DONGGUAN, China — The Chinese factory workers who make shoes for Ivanka Trump and other designers gather at 7:40 every morning to sing songs. Sometimes, they extol worker solidarity. Usually, they trumpet ties between...

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump: Pillars of Family-Driven West Wing

By PETER BAKER, GLENN THRUSH and MAGGIE HABERMAN April 15, 2017 WASHINGTON — One has an office down the hall from the president in the White House; the other just moved into an office a floor up. One recently visited war-torn Iraq as the...

Trump Undercuts Bannon, Whose Job May Be in Danger

President Trump said Mr. Bannon was not the chief strategist of his campaign victory, distancing himself from the contentious hard-right adviser who is increasingly isolated in the White House.