Michelle Carter Is Sentenced to 15 Months in Jail in Texting Suicide Case

The case raised questions about whether Ms. Carter was responsible for Conrad Roy III’s death when she was far from the scene and did not provide a weapon.

Teenager Who Urged Friend to Kill Himself Is Guilty of Manslaughter

By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE and JESS BIDGOOD June 16, 2017 TAUNTON, Mass. — A young woman who sent a barrage of text messages to another teenager urging him to kill himself was found guilty Friday of involuntary manslaughter in a case that...

Trial Over Suicide and Texting Lays Bare Pain of 2 Teenagers

The trial of Michelle Carter, who is accused of pressuring a friend to kill himself, centers on texts that reveal the mind-sets of two emotionally unstable young people.

Truckers’ Message for You: Chill Out, Stop Texting, and Have Respect

By TRIP GABRIEL June 5, 2017 After a May 22 Times article about the plight of America’s long-haul truckers elicited a great deal of interest, we asked truck drivers what they would say to drivers of four-wheeled vehicles if they got the chance....