Where There’s Smoke, There’s a Conspiracy Theory at a Russian Consulate

Just what the Russians had set afire at their consulate in San Francisco, a day after the State Department ordered it shuttered, remains a burning question.

16 Diplomats Sickened After Attack Last Year in Havana

The State Department reported on Thursday that at least 16 employees became ill after a possible sonic attack starting last December in homes of U.S. Embassy employees in Cuba.

U.S. Slaps Egypt on Human Rights Record and Ties to North Korea

The Trump administration denied Egypt $96 million in aid and delayed $195 million in military funding despite President Trump’s lavish praise.

Where Trump Zigs, Tillerson Zags, Putting Him at Odds With White House

The president tends to shoot from the hip, while Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson is more plodding, which has won him few friends in Washington.

Central American Leaders Voice Concerns About U.S. Deportations

Leaders from Honduras and El Salvador implored Vice President Mike Pence to allow their citizens to remain in the United States under a temporary work program.

Turkish President Assails U.S. Over Charges Against His Guards

The authorities announced that they had charged 12 Turkish security personnel and four other American and Canadian civilians in connection with an attack on protesters.