Different Day, Different Audience, and a Completely Different Trump

President Trump’s speech on Wednesday in Reno, Nev., was a day-and-night contrast to his performance on Tuesday in Phoenix, where he ignored his prepared remarks.

Trump Visits Arizona Border in Warm-Up for Heated Rally in Phoenix

By MARK LANDLER August 22, 2017 YUMA, Ariz. — President Trump, fresh from the racially charged storms of Charlottesville, Va., thrust himself on Tuesday into another high-voltage issue, traveling to a sun-scorched border post in southern Arizona to...

A Look Back at Reagan’s Berlin Wall Speech, 30 Years Later

Standing at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at the height of the Cold War, the American leader challenged his Soviet counterpart to “tear down this wall!”

Conservatives Groups Sue Berkeley Over Ann Coulter Cancellation

By THOMAS FULLER April 24, 2017 BERKELEY, Calif. — Days after the University of California, Berkeley, canceled an appearance by the author Ann Coulter, two conservative organizations filed a federal lawsuit on Monday accusing the university of trying...

Shutting Down Speech by Elizabeth Warren, G.O.P. Amplifies Her Message

Senate Republicans voted to halt the remarks of Ms. Warren after she criticized a colleague, Senator Jeff Sessions, the nominee for attorney general, by reading a letter from Coretta Scott King.