Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Resigns After Another Abuse Accusation

By KIRK JOHNSON September 12, 2017 Seattle’s mayor, Ed Murray, said on Tuesday that he would resign, after already announcing in May that he would not seek a second term. Several men have come forward to accuse Mr. Murray of sexually abusing them...

Wildfire Smoke From Canada Drapes Pacific Northwest in a Haze

By ALAN BLINDER and CHRISTINA CARON August 7, 2017 SEATTLE — Mount Rainier is invisible from this city. The Blue Angels, the Navy’s elite flight demonstration team, flew two weekend shows in chalky, smoky air. Government officials have...

Blistering Heat Wave Threatens Seattle, Where Only a Third Have Air-Conditioning

By MAGGIE ASTOR August 1, 2017 Much of the country is used to occasional 100-degree days. Seattle, which has had just three in the past 123 years, is not. So unaccustomed is Seattle to scorching heat that, in 2015, only one-third of the housing units in its...

How a Rising Minimum Wage Affects Jobs in Seattle

Two studies offer conflicting conclusions on the law’s effects on the labor market, and some say the area’s economic boom is a larger factor.

Fatal Police Shooting of Seattle Woman Raises Mental Health Questions

Officers killed Charleena Lyles, a 30-year-old with a history of mental illness who was clutching a knife, the authorities said. Her family said there was no reason to shoot.

Mayor’s Fall in Seattle Shakes the Gay Community He Rose From

Accusations that Ed Murray paid teenagers for sex in the 1980s, which led to a decision not to seek re-election, have brought uncertainty and sadness.