Grandparents Win Reprieve From Trump Travel Ban in Federal Court

A ruling in Hawaii expands the list of “bona fide” relationships that can qualify refugees to enter the country, opening the door to thousands.

A Refugee Family Arrives in Arkansas, Before the Door Shuts

By MIRIAM JORDAN July 13, 2017 FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Watata Mwenda’s family had it good. There was no electricity in their village in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but Mr. Mwenda, an itinerant salesman of cattle, gold and other commodities,...

White House Moves to Carry Out Partial Travel Ban

By GARDINER HARRIS and MICHAEL D. SHEAR June 29, 2017 WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Thursday moved aggressively to fulfill one of the president’s most contentious campaign promises, banning entry into the United States...

With 3 Words, Supreme Court Opens a World of Uncertainty for Refugees

By MIRIAM JORDAN June 27, 2017 Fouad Dagoum fled Sudan after his village was ransacked by militia members who captured, detained and tortured him until his body was limp. Eventually, he escaped to Egypt, where he was parked for more than a decade until...

Trump’s Tweets vs. Travel Ban

The fight over President Trump’s travel ban on people from six Muslim-majority countries has reached the Supreme Court. But some experts say Trump’s tweets may undermine his chances of winning the case.