After Grisly Killings in Pennsylvania, a Quick Deal to Spare Execution

By TRIP GABRIEL and ALAN BLINDER July 17, 2017 The police had been investigating the disappearance of four men in Pennsylvania for only a week when prosecutors sprang a deal on their chief suspect: Confess to murder and help the investigation, and...

Gerrymandering Case Echoes in Inkblot-Like Districts Across the U.S.

The Supreme Court announced it would hear a Wisconsin gerrymandering case, attracting the attention of other states locked in redistricting battles.

Pennsylvania Lawsuit Says House Redistricting Is Partisan Gerrymander

Voting-rights advocates in Pennsylvania challenged the state’s congressional map in state court, whereas suits in 3 other states have been filed in federal court.

Bob Casey Was an Understated Senator. Then Came Trump.

Casey, an even-tempered Democrat from Pennsylvania, has been ahead of the pack in his criticism of the president, at some political risk.

Circling Back to Voters, 100 Days Into Trump Era

By THE NEW YORK TIMES April 26, 2017 On Day 1, they were a mix of Trump faithful, Trump skeptics and Trump haters. Local party bosses and state senators, teachers and retirees, unionized and nonunion workers, talking about their hopes and dread as...