Trump Administration Wants to Stabilize Health Markets but Won’t Say How

An administration official refused to say what, if anything, the government would do to encourage people to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Trump’s Threats on Health Law Hide an Upside: Gains Made by Some Insurers

Despite anxiety over the Affordable Care Act’s stability, many insurance companies still participating have cut losses sharply. Some are starting to prosper.

In Tennessee, Promoting Enrollment in Tenuous Health Care Plans

Counselors are starting earlier than usual to encourage enrollment in Obamacare, even as the Trump administration works against them.

Trump Threat to Obamacare Would Send Premiums and Deficits Higher

By ROBERT PEAR and THOMAS KAPLAN August 15, 2017 WASHINGTON — Premiums for the most popular health insurance plans would shoot up 20 percent next year, and federal budget deficits would increase by $194 billion in the coming decade, if...

Health Insurers Get More Time to Calculate Increases for 2018

By ROBERT PEAR August 13, 2017 WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is giving health insurance companies more time to calculate price increases for 2018 because of uncertainty caused by the president’s threat to cut off crucial subsidies paid to...