U.S. and South Korea Near Completion of Missile-Defense System

North Korea’s nuclear detonation over the weekend spurred the deployment of the rest of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, which is designed to stop missiles from the North.

After North Korea Nuclear Test, Trump Saves Harshest Words for South Korea

President Trump took a stern line against the new liberal government in South Korea, accusing it of talking of “appeasement,” amid an escalating trade dispute between the two nations.

‘We’ve Had Enough’: Conservatives Relish the ‘Fury’ in Trump’s Talk

By RICHARD FAUSSET August 11, 2017 AUGUSTA, Ga. — “Fire and fury”? Eugene Yu could not have said it better himself. Mr. Yu, 62, who emigrated here from South Korea, is an American citizen, a United States Army veteran and a staunch...