Democrats on Voter Fraud Panel Join Those Criticizing It

The panel’s Republican chief is rebuked by one Democrat for claiming a New Hampshire election was probably rigged. Another questions the panel’s objectivity.

Trump’s Voter Fraud Panel, No Stranger to Controversy, Creates Another One

Ahead of a meeting in New Hampshire, a member of the panel called it “highly likely” that the state’s Senate race was decided with bogus votes. Outrage ensues.

A Patriotic Fourth: What Does That Mean Now?

By JACK HEALY, JESS BIDGOOD and ALAN BLINDER July 3, 2017 Even a divided country can come together to celebrate its birthday. Can’t it? This Fourth of July weekend, we wanted to see how patriotic Americans were feeling as they hit the...

Lacking Evidence of Voter Fraud, Legislatures Target Its Specter

By MICHAEL WINES March 23, 2017 Of the 860,000 Nebraskans who cast ballots in last fall’s election, only two are suspected of casting fraudulent votes. But while the actual number of illegal voters may be minuscule, State Senator John Murante says,...