Lawmakers Want Limits on Wiretaps Despite Trump Administration Objections

House Judiciary leaders want to temporarily extend and curb an expiring surveillance law, but national security officials want it made permanent without changes.

Trump Misleads on Russian Meddling: Why 17 Intelligence Agencies Don’t Need to Agree

By MATTHEW ROSENBERG July 6, 2017 WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Thursday that only “three or four” of the United States’ 17 intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia interfered in the presidential election — a...

Post-Snowden Efforts to Secure N.S.A. Data Fell Short, Report Says

By CHARLIE SAVAGE June 16, 2017 WASHINGTON — The government’s efforts to tighten access to its most sensitive surveillance and hacking data after the leaks of National Security Agency files by Edward J. Snowden fell short, according to a newly...

N.S.A. Contractor May Have Mishandled Secrets Before, Prosecutor Says

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges she leaked a classified National Security Agency report to an online news outlet. By ALAN BLINDER June 8, 2017 AUGUSTA, Ga. — A federal prosecutor said on Thursday that Reality Leigh...

Intelligence Officials Sidestep Senate Questions on Trump and Russia

The national intelligence director and the head of the N.S.A. drew criticism from senators for their reluctance to speak about President Trump’s conduct.